View homes Ltd is not only a Master Builder certified housing company, but also one of the fastest-growing housing companies in the industry.
View homes credits its success to its outstanding customer service and top quality workmanship. These values form the cornerstone of the View Homes brand and along with proprietary systems & software help differentiate it from its competitors


Currently View homes has Auckland wide cover to provide higher spec homes for customers. Clients choose View Homes because of its reputation for being trustworthy, honest, and a proven history of building high quality homes built to last.

Why View Homes

Buildings created with love is what we do. We listen to what's important to you and express that through our designs. Choose a Ready to Build design you can adapt to your needs, or use our professional Design and Build service that offers complete design flexibility. Getting it right first time, takes persistence and commitment. Our director have proven his commitment to building beautiful, high quality homes throughout Auckland over the last 8years
Our mission is to delight our customers
New homeowners or developers that choose View Homes are delighted with the outstanding results that we deliver for them. Most of our business comes from our customers recommending us to their friends and family. If you would like to talk to one of them about their experience, we are happy to put you in touch.
Our guarantee is just the start
A Ten Year Master Build Guarantee for your home is just the start. At critical build stages, we employ an independent quality control person, where this service is available, to carry out exacting checks. These are over and above the normal construction team checks. It’s more than a builder’s guarantee, it’s your peace of mind policy for years to come, based on the longest established independent guarantee available in New Zealand.
Quality Control
In order to provide you with a superior, high-quality product View Homes contracts an Independent Quality Control company to perform stringent quality control checks on every View Homes built in areas where the service is available.

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